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A Weekend of Arm Balances and Inversions with Krista Block


Urban Flow Yoga
484 King St, Ste 207 29403 Charleston United States

UFY is super excited to have the arm balancing badass, Krista Block, with us for a weekend of Inversions and Balancing breakdown. Join us for one day, or come both as day one is a great foundation for day two!

Sat: Sept 17, 2016 - 1-3:30pm
ARM BALANCES AND INVERSIONS MADE EASY: Arm balances and inversions have a reputation for being among the most challenging poses in yoga, but when broken down and practiced with intention it becomes evident these postures are steeped in the fundamentals. This workshop will use drills, demos, discussion, and practice-time to break down the most elemental arm balances and inversions, including their modifications, variations, and next steps. You’ll learn how to prep your body for poses done on your hands, ways to build the strength and awareness necessary for going upside-down, and how to do these poses mindfully for ultimate progress. Hot topics such as how to ween yourself away from the wall and wrist maintenance will also be covered. Great for beginners and experienced inverters alike!

Sun: Sept 18, 2016 - 1-3:30pm
CONNECTING ARM BALANCES AND INVERSIONS: Two arm balances are better than one... especially when linked together in fun, challenging transitions! This workshop will give you the tools and awareness to learn how to transition between poses on your hands. We’ll start by learning how to create a solid foundation then how to pivot our strength around this base of support. This workshop is great for those who want to learn how to create more stable arm-balances or those looking to take their arm balance practice deeper.

$35 for a single day // $60 for both days.

sign up here: www.urbanflowchs.com/ARM-BALANCE

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